Biomass & Wood Combustion Systems

Reliable, Sustainable, Economical.

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Biomass Energy and Wood Combustion Systems from Mawera

Cost effective biomass energy system installation and service in the UK.

Since 1975, Mawera have been developing and installing biomass energy and wood combustion systems to the highest standards.
That means real innovation when it comes to installation, project management and dedicated support from experienced biomass professionals and technicians.

Reliable. Sustainable. Economical. Biomass energy systems from Mawera.

Why Biomass Combustion Boilers?

Biomass energy is cleaner energy generated from a low-carbon fuel source that supports and encourages a more sustainable future for us all.

But the benefits don’t end there. Biomass is less prone to severe price fluctuations than those experienced by fossil fuels meaning you get a more economical supply of energy too. Put simply, biomass is great you, your facility and for everybody.

Why Biomass?

Super Efficient and Clean Biomass/Wood Combustion Systems

Whatever your needs, Mawera have the most innovative biomass boilers to fit the bill, ranging from 850kW up to 13,000kW and suitable for a diverse range of wood fuels.

Pyroflex (Type FSB) | Pyroflex (Type SRT) | Pyroflex (Type FSR) | Pyrovent (Type FR)

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Experience the benefits of biomass energy with Mawera. Our passion for professionalism burns brightly in all that we do.

Reliable, Sustainable, Economical.

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